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The Celtic Geek's Computer Systems

There are several computer systems in my home. I am using a Gateway 554GE
with a CD ROM and a CD/DVD burner. It has a 3.2 GHz Intel P4 processor.
It came with a 250 GB Serial ATA hard drive, and 1 GB of RAM. It has a
bank of USB 2.0 and Firewire ports, as well as a raft of connectors for various
kinds of memory for digital cameras and what not. I have loaded it down
with an external CD RW, 250 and 750 MB Zip drives, and an external floppy
drive. I also have several USB flash memory sticks that I use with it.
I am using an Epson ink jet printer and a Canon ink jet printer. I have
a Canon scanner and digital camera that I use with the computer.

I also have a 750 MHz Gateway Laptop which came (at no extra cost) with
the BS in Information Technology program. It has an internal CD ROM and
floppy drive, but I have a bunch of stuff which I can use via the USB 1.1
ports, inclusing the 250 and 750 MB Zip drives, the CD RW drive, and so forth.

My wife is using a Gateway with 600 MHz P3 Processor, running Windows 98.
It has a 30 GB hard drive, a CD ROM, and a floppy drive. It is sufficiently
old that the sound card no longer works, She has a Canon S300 printer, and
an internal 250 MB Zip drive.

My son is using a Dell with a 1.0 GHz P4 processor, running Windows ME.
It has a 30 GB hard drive, a CD ROM, a floppy drive, and an internal 250
MB Zip drive. He uses it mostly for games and Microsoft Office.

The computer I use is the one on which I have used most of the distros
shown on the distribution page. Some of those were used on a previous
Gateway machine, a 2.4 GHz P4 processor. Some of the older distros were
used on even older computers, including some down in the 133 MHz range.

Currently, I am using Xandros 2.5 on the laptop, with Windows 2000 on
a second hard drive for it. I am using Scientific Linux 4.0 on the Gateway
desktop. For the desktop I have Fedora Core 3.0, CentOS 4.0, Xandros 3.0,
Linspire 5.0, Mandriva LE2005, Xandros 3.0, and Kubuntu on separate hard
drives for it. This is in addition to the various Live CD distributions
mentioned elsewhere. Also, Windows XP Home (which came with the system)
is on still another hard drive.

I have about 1.8 TBytes of hard drives containing all of these operating
systems. I started using GNU/Linux in July, 1999, finally deciding that I
needed to take a course or two to learn enough about UNIX systems in
general, and GNU/Linux in particular. I also started using an HP-UX system
at work at this time, which also helped.

I am enough of a geek that it occurred to me to use hexadecimal for the
copyright date on these pages, as in 7D516, but I finally
decided not to do that.

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